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This page aims to showcase a sample of videos and recordings of my work made over the past couple years, in various different settings such as live gigs, studio recording, remote recordings and home recordings. My demos also include examples of both original music and covers. 


Excerpts from a recent workshop given at
Vanier College, in MTL. 

Recent livestream of a showcase for the National Arts Center (with the Schulich Conglomerate)


This recording was made at a live session at McGill University, in April 2023, in the context of my final Undergraduate Recital


Joseph Machak (Trumpet), Margaret Donovan (Trombone), Ludovic Rochon (Piano), Sam Ripat (Bass) and Tony Wang (Drums)

This Isn't Real


Dandelion is the first song I ever completed, when I was 16. I waited years before I felt comfortable recording it. It finally all came together when I decided to put together my first EP, Flowers For A Lady, where Dandelion became one of my singles!

All Instruments by Marie-Jeanne Paquet.

Mixed and mastered by Andrei Castañon. 

Music video filmed and edited by Christopher Ubhi. 


Song For A Lost One

Marie-Jeanne Paquet (ukulele, bass, vocals)

Aron Boutin (congas, shakers, drums)

Flowers For A Lady

Marie-Jeanne Paquet (guitar, ukulele, violin)

Aron Boutin (drumset)

Sébastien Paquet (bass guitar)

Ancre 2
Ancre 1
Ancre 3


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